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Getting the custody of the child!

Divorce is quite a harsh phase of life that can have even greater effects on the young ones. They may not be showing immediate signs but they will eventually start showing the symptoms of post trauma shocks. This then makes it important for parents to understand that these children need both of them to be with the child in order to ensure such issues do not manifest in future. For this, you need your lawyer to devise a child custody plan that is both acceptable and feasible for both the parties.

Holding custody of the child is an essential part of the divorce and the state demands that both parents come up with a solution where the child can happily live with both of the parents from time to time without being kept away from one of them. Consult a good lawyer who can help you come up with a viable solution and a method through which you can continue to see your child when he/she is not living with you and allow the other member to see the child when he/she is with you. An effective child custody plan can ensure of this.

You will need to work with your lawyers to ensure that both the parents get equal opportunity to retain some custody of the child. However, for any uncalled-for situation where one member might not be willing to retain custody of the child or any other reason that may render the parent is ineligible, your lawyer will devise the child custody plan accordingly.

Ensure that all facts regarding the partner and about yourself are shared with your lawyer. There may be something where a mutually agreeable plan can be made on.

Who gets the custody of the child?

When it comes to divorce, there is nothing scarier than the prospect of losing the right of child custody. There is every possibility that a good plan is devised should you approach the right lawyer, however, the possibility of being on the losing side exists as well. If your former partner has refused to share custody, it is your right and you should take the matter up to the court through an attorney who can sort things out for you accordingly. There are quite a lot of ways you can win some points in your favor. Let us look at one such point.

Suppose a couple had decided to go their separate ways. While they agree upon everything, the part where the child custody comes in, both of you are opposite to each other. If your former partner has any habits of smoking, drinking, or worse, a history of drugs, it is a very good likelihood that you can gain the upper hand and settle the matter accordingly in the court of law. However, your attorney will need all the evidences to support this claim. If you have the required evidence or leads, you can discuss those with your attorney and find out what can be done in order to come up with a solid case.

After due discussion, your attorney will file for the complete child custody. The court will examine the case on merits and take into account the evidences that have been submitted. Once the court has decided on a verdict, it will be delivered. 

Upon successful case, you will walk away with the custody of your child. The state will always ensure that it takes into account each evidence and that it decides whatever is in the best interest of the child.

Winning custody of the child

While there are a million ways you can file for a child custody, you should only rely on the proven methods as obtaining or losing a custody of a child is far more important than the divorce itself. You will need a lawyer who knows how to handle such cases and can win the entire case for you on solid grounds. You will need to explain each and everything to your lawyer about yourself and your former partner as well as this will serve as the basis of the case upon which the entire arguments will be based on.

When divorce is being settled and it comes to child custody, people often rush to make irrational or emotional decisions. While lawyers do understand the sentiments, there are a few things which cannot work just based on these feelings. You will need to work out a proper strategy with your lawyer and provide all the required points, facts and evidences to ensure you can come up with. The more you equip your lawyer, the better your case will be in court.

You can discuss if your former partner is known to have anger management issues, drinking habits or any habits of drug abuse. This can greatly help you out in the case and can contribute to a successful child custody claim.

The court will analyze all the evidences accordingly and ensure that you receive a fair trial. After the trial, the verdict would most likely be pronounced in your favor. Once sorted, your child and his/her custody will be awarded to you. If the court has ordered to share custody or place a restraining order, both the parties will be informed regarding the same.

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